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The mosaic of Andrein

During my vacation in Arezzo, in Tuscany, I did not imagine to see, 10 kilometers from the center, a small very special village. In this village of about 3,000 inhabitants, which is called Indicatore, there is a church calles the Holy Spirit. On the web we found innumerable information about the church: designed by the architect Fornasari in 1967 with poor materials, the church risked demolition and was then saved architecturally by the priest, Don Santi Chioccioli, and embellished by the artist Andreina Giorgia Carpenito, that has turned it into a monument visited by many tourists. Andreina started in 1997 with the first work, a wooden shovel placed in the apse dedicated to the Descent of the Holy Spirit; in 2002 he made the paintings and a stained glass window in the chapel dedicated to the encounter with Jesus; in 2004 he dedicated himself to the 80 square meters of windows depicting the Trinity and to the low perimeter windows dedicated to the Creation of the World, followed by the polychrome terracotta facade; finally, from 2009 to 2010 Andreina has realized alone, using waste materials donated by local companies, the Vision of Ezeichiele, a large mosaic of 240 square meters. In 2013 he had the idea to create the largest mosaic in the world, a work of art that would reduce political, ethnic and religious differences. The project has attracted the attention of many artists, Erasmus and Leonardo fellows, school children, disabled people, who have come to Indicatore from all over the world to make their dream come true. Furthermore, in May, Brazilian and German mosaicists came to his aid. We arrived there without warning and Andreina became available to guide us, explaining the works and economic difficulties related to this project, not supported by any public administration, but only by the love of those who come to help her to realize the mosaic, which at present is over 800 square meters. This visit has thrilled us and enriched us a lot. So I recommend everyone to go and visit this place! For information on the project you can consult the Facebook pages “Mosaico di Andreina” and “Centro Polivalente delle Arti“.

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