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The best cities 2019

Mercer is a international management consultancy company. Every year, Mercer evaluates the most liveable cities on the planet. The survey is called Worldwide Quality of Living Survey. Cities are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Recreation
  • Housing
  • Economic environment
  • Consumer goods availability
  • Public services and transport
  • Political and social environment
  • Natural environment
  • Socio-cultural environment
  • School and education
  • Medical and health considerations

This year, Mercer, did a separate ranking on personal Safety! The safest city on the Planet is Luxembourg.

Let’s see the Quality of Living City Ranking 2019:

  1. Vienna in Austria
  2. Zürich in Switzerland
  3. Vancouver in Canada
  4. Munich in Germany
  5. Auckland in New Zealand
  6. Düsseldorf in Germany
  7. Frankfurt in Germany
  8. Copenhagen in Denmark
  9. Geneva in Switzerland
  10. Basel in Switzerland

The city of Vienna has won the award the 10th time already. If you want to know more of the wonderful city. Check out this documentary:

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